Webinar: Sky vs SkyKick - don’t panic, but prepare!

Webinar hosted by Alan Potter

In Sky v SkyKick, both the Advocate General and the CJEU considered whether a registered trademark can be invalidated if the specification lacks clarity and precision.

Although the CJEU didn’t go as far as the Advocate General recommended, trademark practitioners need to be prepared for a new wave of attacks on trademarks for specifications that lack “clarity and precision” and expect that IP offices will tighten up on their acceptance of acceptable goods and services terms.

In this webinar - the third in our ongoing series, Alan Potter talks about the SkyKick case, the implications for today's world and how you can prepare for them.

Overview of the webinar


The Background

The facts of the case and why we're talking about it.


The Decision

The decision made by the Advocate General and the EU Court of Justice.


The Implication

The start of a new wave of “clarity and precision” attacks on specifications.


About the speaker

alanweb (1)

Alan is a co-founder of Sortify.tm, and Head of Product. 

A New Zealand lawyer with 25 years’ experience in trademarks, Alan drives Sortify.tm’s product road map and is key to the ongoing development and refining of Sortify.tm’s countless machine learning systems.

Given his extensive experience in trademarks, he is one of the key domain experts who helps connect Sortifytm’s AI with the real-world problems of trademark attorneys.

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